Is it safe to eat raw cookie dough?

- Natasha Staniszewski, TSN Sportscentre Anchor

“According to Health Canada, eating raw eggs can increase the risk of consuming a bacteria responsible for food poisoning, Salmonella. While salmonella is usually found on the shell, it can sometimes get inside the egg. 

@eggsoeufs says it is not a concern for healthy individuals to consume raw and lightly cooked eggs. Individuals who are at greater risk and should avoid eating eggs that are not cooked to thoroughly include people who are immunocompromised, very young children, pregnant women and the elderly.  

The risk of salmonella contamination is very small if eggs are stored at proper temperatures - but if there is a chance of consuming raw egg, (like getting that first big bite of raw cookie dough when baking) use pasteurized liquid eggs as a safer option. Pasteurization kills harmful bacteria that might be found in the eggs. 

Verdict: Enjoy at your own risk! “

- Megan Wallace, Registered Dietitian and Metro Instructor


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