If there was an earthquake on Mars, would it be called a Marsquake?

- Cheryl Schneider, Owner - NO MORE EXCUSES Fitness

"Yes, you would be calling a vibration of the Martian crust a Marsquake and not an Earthquake. The only thing is that Mars most likely does not undergo any appreciable Marsquakes as its core has cooled sufficiently that there does not appear to be any plate tectonics taking place on Mars, unlike the Earth which has an active surface crust riding on a turbulent mantle.

The new Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (InSight) mission to Mars will be measuring these smaller Marsquakes over the next couple of years. So we will learn more about the dynamics of the Martian surface and Martian interior which lead to Marsquakes. So keep informed on development of the InSight mission to learn more about Marsquakes!"

- Frank Florian, B.Sc, B.Ed

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