What is a meme?

- Dave Jones, Director - Metro Continuing Education

"A meme (rhymes with 'team') is a funny saying, idea, or moment typically presented as a photo or video from popular culture, that gets shared online (posted by many users, in a short amount of time) that could have slightly different iterations depending on the context of the post.

Memes are often used to demonstrate or emphasize how someone might feel in a specific, relatable scenario. For instance, the popular This is Fine meme uses an image of a cartoon dog sitting in a room engulfed in flames with the caption "this is fine" and is often shared by people suggesting a situation is stressful or terrible but they've accepted they can't do anything about it.

More recently, actress Glenn Close was filmed examining Billy Porter's tuxedo dress at the 2019 Oscars for a few seconds before nodding and smiling in approval. This video became a meme as people shared it on social media with captions referencing the stages of thought before coming to a clear, satisfactory conclusion.

- Linda Hoang, Blogger & Social Media Instructor

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